Grades 7 and 8


At the seventh and eighth grade levels, Lesley Ellis students will have many opportunities for exciting new learning experiences. Our academic program becomes more challenging with an integrated and interdisciplinary curriculum that continues to focus on educating the whole child.

Core academic subjects in middle school are woven together with broad yearly themes. With a dedicated science space, an expanded role for technology, and a comprehensive health and wellness program, academics are in tune with the needs of our older students. Seventh and eighth graders take ownership of their learning as they develop organizational and study skills, in preparation for the rigors of high school and beyond. Our academic curriculum encourages individual risk-taking, while still building on collaborative learning. The Lesley Ellis trademark anti-bias curriculum and social justice teaching looks further outward during the middle school years, with a more action-oriented and global perspective.   

Our seventh and eighth graders will be presented with new opportunities beyond the core academic curriculum. Leadership opportunities include a newly developed peer counseling program for middle school. Our older students will enjoy expanded creative arts programming, along with a variety of clubs and electives to inspire varied interests. The interscholastic sports program, highlighted by fall soccer and spring track, will be broadened for upper grades and new overnight trips are added to the school year. Next Schools advising will focus on high school selection, with support for SSAT preparation.

We envision a Lesley Ellis middle school graduate as a young person with a strong sense of self, who takes responsibility for his/her own learning process. Throughout the middle school years, students are taught to solve problems creatively as they develop critical thinking, academic, and integrated technology skills. Our students communicate and collaborate effectively with both peers and adults. Moving into high school, Lesley Ellis graduates exhibit leadership, appreciate diversity and recognize bias, and actively contribute to their school, local, and global communities.