Prekindergarten classroom at Lesley Ellis School Arlington, MA
Our curriculum is designed to meet children’s developmental needs, provide real academic challenges, and help children develop self-confidence.

Our Commitment

Our Early Childhood program begins in preschool, with children attending prekindergarten and, when appropriate, Transitional Kindergarten before moving on to our Elementary (Grades K-4) and Middle School (Grades 5-8) programs. Lesley Ellis School Elementary and Middle School programs offer multi-age classrooms and an excellent student teacher ratio. Students in all grade levels receive individual attention in a caring and supportive environment. 

At Lesley Ellis, we are committed to creating a community dedicated to respect, acceptance and the celebration of diversity. Our curriculum reflects a multicultural, non-violent approach that is mirrored in our materials, language, books and attitudes. We believe in teaching children about themselves and the world by paying attention to individual needs and differences both inside and outside the classroom.