Vision, Mission, Core Values

The Lesley Ellis School Community Celebrates 65 years of innovation in education.

Our Vision

To prepare and inspire children to make their world a better place.

Our Mission

Lesley Ellis School prepares accomplished, inquisitive and inspired learners by providing a challenging, student-centered, and anti-bias curriculum within a tightly connected community.

Our Core Values

  • Accepting
    We are open and accepting: a place where everyone feels at home.
  • Caring
    We are caring and supportive. We take time to nurture
    and know each other.
  • Collaborative
    We work together to create an environment where each child’s potential is fulfilled.
  • Creative
    Learning is fun. Our teachers are passionate and creative. 
  • Respectful
    We respect each other’s differences and unique qualities.
  • Thoughtful
    We make our decisions based on what is best for each child.