grades 1 and 2
grades 3 and 4

Lesley Ellis Elementary School Program, Arlington, MA Students are encouraged to express their autonomy and initiative and to take pride in their efforts so that they can develop into active and cooperative problem solvers.


The Elementary Program at Lesley Ellis School is made up of classrooms from Kindergarten to Grade Four. Kindergarten is available for students who turn five years old by August 31. There are multi-grade classrooms for First/Second Grade, Third/Fourth Grade and further up through our new Middle School program.  With a Fifth/Sixth Grade classroom currently in place, Lesley Ellis will be adding a new Seventh Grade in 2014, and Eighth Grade the following year, for a complete Middle School offering by 2015.

The school day for elementary students runs from 8:15 a.m. to 3:15 p.m. Monday through Friday. We offer an early morning option from 8:00 – 8:15 a.m. as well as an Afterschool Program from 3:15 – 5:30 p.m.

We invite you to visit us to find out more about our elementary program and to take a glimpse inside a typical classroom!