Robust Academics

At Lesley Ellis School we recognize that students must be prepared for tomorrow's challenges with a rigorous academic curriculum. Academic preparation at the elementary and middle school level is an important part of preparing children for success in the world.

We work to ensure that our students can read, write, and calculate at a high level. They are strong academically, and are also creative problem-solvers.

At Lesley Ellis we work towards fostering a genuine understanding of questions and problems. Students are encouraged to work in group settings to problem-solve and answer questions. These skills are the hallmarks of successful members of society.

We rely on more than just textbooks to convey information. By teaching through experiences we ensure that our students don't just memorize facts, but develop a genuine understanding of the curriculum. Our teachers routinely turn familiar units into memorable events. Lesley Ellis  helps students find the pathways to learning that best fit their talents. At the same time, children learn to appreciate the strengths of others, a big step toward understanding differences and building bridges of cooperation towards common goals.

Lesley Ellis students graduate with confidence about their futures. Our students’ success as achievers and group leaders is often noted by their secondary school teachers.