Beyond the Basics

We supplement and enhance the learning experience by offering a variety of classes in the performing arts, Spanish, technology, and physical education.

Learning in Many Ways

Learning at Lesley Ellis  School takes many forms, engaging our students’ natural creativity and curiosity while expanding their confidence and skills.  Children in our school learn not just with their heads, but with their hands, feet, voices and hearts.

At Lesley Ellis, subjects like Spanish, art and music not only complement our regular classroom curriculum, they integrate tightly with it. A quilting project might help a class explore geometry. A songwriting project might open new doors in a child’s literacy development. A multimedia assignment requiring computers, digital cameras and other technology might be used to help bring a particular historical subject to life. It all reflects the Lesley Ellis belief that learning is both holistic and individualistic. That’s why, through our diverse, rich curriculum, we strive to give our students more ways to explore, think about and understand the world.