Inventive Curriculum

  • Arts Block Ceramics Cat
  • Arts Block Ceramic Pot
  • Arts Block Green Blue Dish
  • AB Dance Rehearsal 1
  • AB Dance Rehearsal 2
  • Arts Block Dance Rehearsal 3
  • Dance Sharing 1
  • Dance Sharing 2
  • Dance Sharing 3
  • Aristocats Kids Warm Up with Guy Mendilow
  • LES Kids Aristocats
  • Kids Aristocats at Lesley Ellis School
  • Seth at Sound and Light Board
  • Abby as "Duchess"
  • Lucas on Patrol with Dogs
  • Aristocats Scenery Painted by LES Students

Tuesday afternoons are full of fun and lots of creative energy, as students in grades three through six have a chance to put their artistic talents to work with some of the finest artist-educators in the Greater Boston area.

Lesley Ellis music teacher and performer, Guy Mendilow, designed the Arts Block program as a way for students to experience art, dance, music, movement and improvisation in a meaningful way that brings the inspiration of practicing artists into the school on a regular basis. 

This year’s program features residencies that are six weeks long, which gives each student a chance to join in-depth sessions with all four artists. Lesley Ellis students will be exploring video arts with Josh Conescu, Ceramics with Helen Duncan, Multicultural Dance with Marianne Harkless and participating in a West African Drum ensemble with Moussa Traore.

The highlight at the end of each Arts Block residency brings a sharing session full of music, performances, films and art displays for the whole school community to enjoy.