Inventive Curriculum

  • Arts Block Ceramics Cat
  • Arts Block Ceramic Pot
  • Arts Block Green Blue Dish
  • Dance Sharing 1
  • Dance Sharing 2
  • Dance Sharing 3
  • LES Kids Aristocats
  • Kids Aristocats at Lesley Ellis School
  • Seth at Sound and Light Board
  • Abby as "Duchess"
  • Lucas on Patrol with Dogs
  • Aristocats Scenery Painted by LES Students
  • Aristocats Kids Warm Up with Guy Mendilow

Tuesday afternoons are full of fun and lots of creative energy, as students in grades three through seven put their artistic talents to work with some of the finest artist-educators in the Greater Boston area.
Lesley Ellis music teacher and performer, Guy Mendilow, designed the Arts Block and Arts Apprenticeship programs as a way for students to experience art, dance, music, movement, film and improvisation in a meaningful way that brings the inspiration of practicing artists into the school on a regular basis. 
This year’s Arts Block program for students in Grades 3-6 features residencies that are six weeks long, which gives each student a chance to join in-depth sessions with all four artists. Third, fourth, fifth and sixth grade students will be exploring Dance with Kara Fili, Graphic Design with Helen Duncan, Puppetry with Brenda Huggins and participating in a West African Drum ensemble with Moussa Traore. Students in seventh grade participate in newly designed Arts Apprenticeship program focused on Filmmaking with Brian Knep.  
The highlight at the end of each Arts Block and Arts Apprenticeship residency brings a sharing session full of music, performances, films and art displays for the whole school community to enjoy. Follow this link to learn more about arts and music at Lesley Ellis School.