Growing Up

Fifth and sixth Graders take the lead at many Lesley ellis school events

Our Graduates

What does a Lesley Ellis graduate look like? When this question was posed at a faculty meeting, a list of impressive adjectives was generated. Lesley Ellis graduates are confident, well-grounded, compassionate, caring, independent, responsible, critical thinkers, open-minded and self-aware. And that’s only a partial list!

Our graduates are routinely accepted into their first choice schools. At their new schools our students never lose the spark that make them first and foremost Lesley Ellis kids – with the confidence and sense of self that allow them to embrace the many challenges of adolescence. Lesley Ellis graduates go on to become happy, successful middle-schoolers.

Hugh Rogers, class of 2009, is a Lesley Ellis graduate who has very clearly taken his preschool and elementary experiences with him to middle school. In his mother’s words, "He thinks like a Lesley Ellis kid." When Hugh was asked to create a turkey as part of an art project at his new school, he did—three dimensionally! He said that he was reminded of the way students were asked to emulate famous artists in creating their own "works of art" at Lesley Ellis. His turkey was built up by attaching layer upon layer of fiberboard and then drawing the turkey over it. His new teachers said they had never seen anything quite like it, and Hugh and his mom are both very proud of that. "He was thinking out of the box," said his mom, Gina Yarbrough, "the way he learned to think at Lesley Ellis."

Some of the schools Lesley Ellis students have moved on to attend include: Beaver Country Day, Belmont Day, Buckingham Browne & Nichols, Cambridge Friends, Fayerweather, The Fenn School, Park School, and Shady Hill.