A Program of Schools for Children

advisory board

The Lesley Ellis School Advisory Board functions as the primary volunteer leadership group within the school, as well as an official committee of the Schools for Children Board of Trustees. The dual and complementary functions reflect the important role of Lesley Ellis School within its parent organization, while recognizing how strong and committed leadership from within the LES community helps advance the school’s goals. The Advisory Board consists of current Lesley Ellis parents, parents of alumni, and outside educators. All members are appointed for two-year terms by the Schools for Children Board of Trustees.

Advisory Board Directory 2018 – 2019

James Braman Current parent, 4 jamie.braman@gmail.com
Lisa Corrin Current parent, 8 lisa.corrin125@gmail.com
Christopher DuBois Current parent, 3 connected.by.water@gmail.com
Gabrielle Geller Current parent, K, 2 gabbygeller@gmail.com
Lisa Giovenetti Current parent, K, 3 lisagiovanetti@gmail.com
Julia Holderness Current parent, 2, 4 dameraison@yahoo.com
Erica Jackson Current parent, 3 ericafjackson@gmail.com
Megan Lancelotta Current parent, 1, 4 meganschiller@gmail.com
Jonathan Larson Current parent, 1, 4 jonathan.w.larson@gmail.com
Melda Mergen Current parent, 4, 8 mbmergen74@gmail.com
Sandra Mostajo Current parent, 3, 7 smostajo@yahoo.com
Erika Soong Current parent, 1, 4 smostajo@yahoo.com
Dennis Torma Current parent, 5 dotorma@msn.com
Polly Vanasse Former faculty pyoungkeller@gmail.com
Sarah White, Chair Current parent, 8 Sarah18white@icloud.com


Schools for Children Board Appointments

Paul Stein Executive Director, Schools for Children pstein@schoolsforchildren.org
Deanne Benson Head of School, Lesley Ellis School dbenson@lesleyellis.org
Soo Choo Current parent, Preschool, Kindergarten Soohyun.cho@gmail.com